Breville’s handheld Smoking Gun induces aroma and flavor in food, beverages

Breville’s new smoking gun is a cool addition in your kitchen as it adds natural cold smoke aroma and flavor to sauces, cocktails, fish, meat, and vegetables without heat. The elegant kitchen appliance has an anodized aluminum smoking chamber that produces cold smoke suitable for any food and beverage.

Though, it is a bit expensive compared to traditional smokers; this is a lot quieter, easier and lighter, making it a great purchase. It is highly portable and suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

The Smoking Gun

The amazing kitchen tool is able to provide you with smokehouse flavors that will make you salivate. The beautiful handheld smoker can smoke pretty much everything from dried flowers to teas, creating innumerable choices for flavoring food.

The smoking gun has a die-cast stainless steel burn chamber and silicon smoke tube. The heavy-duty metal blower allows the smoke to cover food and cocktails entirely.

The appliance comes with an integrated base that provides a stable, steady platform, making it easy to set up and prevent it from tipping when in use. It is easy to disassemble the appliance, without additional tools for cleaning.

Usability and price

The Smoking Gun’s silicon hose is easy to connect, clean and store. There is a removable burn chamber, large enough to load wood chips and clean effortlessly. The concentration of the smoke is disciplined by a dual-speed control switch for gentle or intense smoke.

Ideal for home chefs and mixologists; the smoking gun comes with replacement screens, hickory and applewood chips, recipes, batteries and instructions among other things. Thus, it is ready for use right from the box, saving you money for the useful extra materials. You can get this tool for your kitchen for $99.95 from Breville’s website.