Nickelodeon x PUMA Hoops Rugrats Sneaker Collection announced

Okay. So this pair will probably make you feel old. Well, it can also make you feel young again as the shoes can bring back memories of the past. You know—like some 20 to 30 years ago when the show was a big part of your childhood. 

Those who grew up watching Rugrats on Nickelodeon will love this. If you don’t know what or who the Rugrats are, it’s a show about a group of toddlers living great adventures everyday. Believe it or not, it’s now celebrating its 30th anniversary. 

Special Rugrats and Puma Court Rider

Nickelodeon Puma Hoops Rugrats 30th Anniversary Sneakers

For the Rugrats 30th birthday, PUMA is launching a special collection. There will be seven designs that will feature whimsical and playful graphics. We don’t have all the images except for one pair: The Rugrats X PUMA Hoops Court Rider. 

The sneakers bear the classic Rugrats logo colorway. The pair is mainly set in teal with accents of green and purple. On the white Rider foam midsole are orange and yellow design to complete the look of the new Puma HOOPS Court Rider iteration.

Puma Hoops x Nickelodeon RUGRATS

Nickelodeon Puma Hoops Rugrats 30th Anniversary Sneakers Where to Buy

On the heel, you will see a Rugrats logo. The insoles are printed in full color featuring Rugrats graphics. The pair really looks playful but we believe it can also be used to play on the court. 

The Nickelodeon x PUMA Hoops Rugrats collection is yet to be fully revealed. We’re anticipating all designs will be ready in time for Summer. No word on pricing and availability yet.