Bring microgreen flavors to your kitchen with Hamama

Greens are a vital component of our diet. While some vegetables are only available in particular seasons, microgreens may not have that problem anymore. With Hamama Microgreens Kit, you can grow them in a sustainable way, at home, and supplement your diet with the nutritional goodness of greens.

The Hamama microgreens kit is a hydroponic system designed by two MIT grads, which allows you to grow your own microgreens at home effortlessly, any time of the year. Hamama microgreens kit is quite easy to use and harvest delicious microgreens for various culinary purposes.

The microgreens kit

The kit includes a reusable tray made from recycled plastic (a choice of ceramic tray is also available), easy growing instructions, and a batch of three Seed Quilts – which will include the seeds of your preferred microgreens. The quilt appears to be a coconut coir sheet sandwich with evenly spaced, seed and grow medium filled pods between the sheets, all held together by an adhesive.

Once you buy the kit – which will cost between $35-$49, all you need to do is to add water to the grow tray and plant the seed quilt. Within a week, your microgreens will be ready for harvesting and to be used in salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and garnishes.

You can also purchase a beautiful bamboo frame separately to pair with your kit for an elevated aesthetic. Moreover, unlike their mature counterparts, microgreens do not need a sunny spot to grow. You can merely put your Hamama grow tray near a window or even in a room with proper lighting.

Healthy flavors at your disposal

Consisting of a pre-packaged, fully-contained system, this kit can provide you with a variety of microgreens around the year. These greens are low-maintenance, require less water and care and grow without the need for fertilizer, pesticides.    

Hamama also offers a monthly seed quilt subscription service. You can customize the seed quilts from ten different options that include Super Salad Mix, Refreshing Cabbage, Spicy Daikon Radish, Zesty Salad Mix, Hearty Broccoli, Energizing Kale, Sweet Wheatgrass, Earthy Clover, Hot Wasabi Mustard, and Fragrant Fenugreek.