Ceder’s non-alcoholic drink is your gin alternative

You may probably never agree with us that a non-alcoholic drink is in now. There are those of you who will forever think spirits must have alcohol but for people who are trying to be wary of their health and fitness, CEDER’S Distilled Non-Alcoholic Drink may be enough. It’s not easy to stop drop drinking but good thing distilled drinks have started to enter the market.

CEDER’S is a distilled non-alcoholic alt-gin made with the classic gin plus exotic South African botanicals. The Cederberg Mountains of the Western Cape is the source of these botanicals. After being distilled, Ceder’s blended with Swedish water is bottled in Sweden.

Not Quite Gin, Just Alt-Gin

The combination of distilling gin and Cape botanicals makes it possible for a non-alcoholic alt-gin. If you’ve been wanting to satisfy your thirst for any alcoholic, we suggest you grab a bottle of Ceder’s instead. You will be sober even after several rounds because really, it’s non-alcoholic. It’s just like drinking flavored water.

And true enough, there are three flavors to choose from—each one offering distinct taste, texture, and aroma. The Floral & Balanced is Ceder’s Classic offering. It is a blend of coriander and juniper plus geranium and Cape floral fynbos—all considered as classic gin botanicals.

Ceder’s Crisp is the Refreshing & Tranquil version that is a combination of citrus, juniper, chamomile, and cucumber. Last but not the least is Spicy & Intriguing, Ceder’s Wild, which again combines juniper with ginger, rooibos, and clove.

Non-Alcoholic Choice for the New You

You see, a distilled non-alcoholic alt-gin is more than just a trend now. It’s time you reconsider your health and drinking habits. We don’t suggest you drop everything at once. It won’t be easy. Just try Ceder’s first and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Someday, you may thank the couple who founded Ceder’s a couple of years ago. South African Craig and his wife Swedish Maria discovered a valley in the Cederberg Mountains filled with botanicals. The discovery led them to distill classic gin using exotic Cape botanicals and then combined with Swedish waters. The result? Ceder’s. It’s something you’ll be hesitant to try at first but we know you’ll eventually love.