Pastry chef Antonio Benites shares his banana bread recipe

Marina Bay sands’ pastry chef Antonio Benites, who has had his training from the likes of late Joël Robuchon, has shared his easy to prepare banana bread recipe. According to the Singaporean chef, banana bread has a unique flavor that makes it a comforting treat to savor, even on its own.

The recipe is uncomplicated – it can be made using any variety of bananas you can find near you. Make sure that the bananas you pick are 70 percent ripe. This recipe includes bananas that are coated with brown sugar and chilled overnight to enrich their aroma.  

Ingredients Required

To start preparing the banana bread, you will need ingredients such as baked bananas (should be prepared a day before the baking), some fresh bananas, and brown sugar.

You can prepare the dough using bread flour, whole-meal flour, instant dry yeast, some salt, butter, banana puree (prepared from freshly chopped bananas), and water.

Preparing the Banana Bread

To prepare baked bananas, slice fresh banana into slices and mix with brown sugar. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for eight minutes. Let it cool and keep in the chiller. While keeping the juice, you need to strain the baked bananas prepared a day ago. Set it aside. Then, mix all ingredients apart from salt and butter in a mixer. Put in salt, butter, and the juice from the strained baked bananas. Mix it well. Now, add baked bananas and mix it well at a slow pace.

Set out the dough for some time and then give it the shape of your liking and let it rest for one hour at room temperature. Finally, you can bake it at 240-degree Celsius with steam for 24 minutes. Now, you can either pair it with any fruit jam of your choice to add some sweetness and tangy flavor or add a lavish layer of chocolate – as chocolate and bananas are considered a timeless couple.