Clase Azul Gold tequila in a bottle adorned with 24K gold costs $300

Clase Azul Spirits brought Clase Azul Gold tequila for the love of the appreciators in a limited edition last year. Now for 2021, the company is bringing back the tequila as a way to promote Mexico’s beauty and tradition.

The luxury tequila is again provided in limited edition and this time comes within a specially made bottle that is adorned with 24 karat gold. The brand is launching the new spirit today, August 2.

The fascination

The spirit is inspired by the moment when the darkness embraces light – just before sunset – and this precious moment painted on the canvas called sky forms basis of the uniquely colored glass decanter carrying the tequila.

Crafter for individuals with the “adventurous spirit” the tequila offers flavor and aroma of Mexico’s “most celebrated masterpieces.” But the real takeaway is the decanter which is made of glass fused together with black ceramic. The technique, Clase Azul Spirits says took six years to develop.

This unique material combination depicts the gorgeous color of the fading sunlight in Mexico. To make the decanter more appealing for a collector, this ceramic compound is adorned with handcrafted 24k gold ribbons. The bottle is finished with an agave medallion also dipped in gold.

More details

According to the brand, the Clase Azul Gold tequila in the shimmering bottle is an incomparable tequila joven that is a blend of “Clase Azul Plata, special reposado tequila matured in French oak casks along with an eight-year-old Extra Añejo aged in former bourbon casks.”

A single collectible bottle of the 2021 limited edition Clase Azul Gold tequila will retail for $300. Owing to its exclusivity, the brand promises only 6,000 bottles of this luxury tequila.  


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