Coca-Cola rolls out ‘Insiders Club’ subscription service, opens tasting service to exclusive group

There comes a point in your life, when you are battling fitness and health over succumbing to temptations like junk food and sodas. Perhaps this is the reason why, most of my friends have converted from junk-food-lovers to fitness freaks after watching ‘Game Changers’ on Netflix, which apparently makes you re-think your lifestyle and eating habits.   

I’ve not seen it, which is why I was delighted to cover the Star Wars branded Coco-Cola bottles, that were deployed in Singapore as a prelude to the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, movie. The Light Saber gimmick on them, makes the bottles a collector’s delight.

Moving to the latest news, there is an exclusive subscription service being offered by our favorite soda maker, that gives exclusive access to a monthly shipment of drinks in three diverse categories.

It Only Takes Ten

If you have some spare change in the house – say about ten dollars – then you could try out the ‘Insiders Club’ at Coco-Cola. The delivery of exclusive drinks, before they hit the market, is what the hype is all about.

While I know people, including me, indulge in subscription services for our daily dose of healthy, raw-pressed juices and smoothies, but offering canned beverages, is quite a stretch. However, I think the fact that Coca-Cola has expanded its licensed products base, quite extensively this year, the selection could be beyond a coffee inspired cola.

Doorstep Delivery

The clever thing that Coco-Cola has done, is to keep the subscription service limited to a certain number. Currently, if you head to their ‘Insider Club’ page here, you will see that there is a waitlist for you to join.

Fans can put the claim of being the first to try more than twenty drinks that are set to be launched in early part of 2020 using this new subscription service. We can expect AHA flavored sparkling water, Coke Energy and other new flavors in the pipeline.

Opt for the six-month membership by paying $10 per month or $50 prepaid option with one month free.

So far 1000 memberships have been registered, join the waitlist for now, and enjoy the club once the program opens up.