Common etiquette for the business, first class passengers

We’d like to think we know a lot about travel but we believe there is more to learn.  We’ve been sharing numerous travel guides to different countries and important tips but most of them are for budget tourism. We try to share some of the things we’ve tried, experienced and learned along the way.

Just recently, we told you how to achieve Delta Silver Medallion status fast. We also featured Why You Should Fly Business Class. If you’ve decided to go along and choose business class, you need to remember some things. You see, business class is different. It’s obviously more expensive. There are certain expectations of how to behave there.

If you haven’t tried flying business class but are planning on one, here are some important things to remember. To be honest, some of the things we’re listing here are very basic. Any person should already know these tips because you know, common sense and basic decency.

Here are three major rules to remember if you’re flying first-class or business. Remember these as First Class Etiquette:

Be Decent

It’s easy to say to observe decency at all times but not many people know what is generally accepted or respected standards in flying. When you’re in first class, there are certain expectations like being dressed properly. You don’t have to dress formally or be in business attire. You just need to keep your shirt on all the time.

Some airlines give first-class passengers free pajamas. If you want to wear them because it’s a long haul flight, remember to change into your sleepwear in the bathroom—and not in your pod. Even if others can’t see you, please change your clothes in the proper place.

The xext tip is something we don’t want to keep reminding people but please, please don’t offer or pay flight attendants for sex. That is a big no-no and we don’t have to explain why.

Be Humble

We can’t believe we have to tell you this but please don’t brag about being in first class. Don’t be a show-off. Don’t take pictures incessantly because it can be really annoying.

There are people in the first class that are paying a lot of money because they want peace and quiet. Don’t go clicking your camera phone for a selfie the whole time.

Just because you paid a lot of money for first-class, it doesn’t mean you have to order everything available on the menu. Yes, you can but don’t indulge much—have self-control even if no one is watching.


How to behave properly? Just don’t be a jerk. You are not paying for the first-class to be a jerk to the flight crew. You paid a large amount of money to be comfortable and to be pampered.

Don’t commit annoying small crimes like staying long in the bathroom or making unnecessary noises. Don’t stress over small inconveniences. Remember that not everybody or not all services are perfect.

Behave well by not getting drunk or not indulging in illicit substances before the flight. Believe it or not, there are some passengers who are intoxicated when they board a plane and go undetected.

Don’t steal the available drinks from the bar. Don’t fight or punch anyone. And yes, don’t get nutty.