Cooler Master bites into the shoe culture with sneaker-shaped PC case

Sneakerheads wanting to enter the metaverse now have a wonderful partner from Cooler Master. The company behind some of the most interesting PC cases has customized the otherwise plain computer case in the shape of a sneaker that draws from the lovely designs by Nike, adidas, and the likes, and should give you the ‘kick’ to enter the digital space.

The sneaker-shaped ‘Sneaker X’ PC case is designed in order to celebrate Cooler Master’s 30th anniversary. It is supposedly built on the design submitted by modder JMDF at the Case Mode World Series organized by the brand in 2020.

Sneaker X

The intriguing design of the Sneaker X is purposefully designed to give all sneakerheads a PC case to go with their silhouettes without the need of having to take the trouble of modifying one themselves.

Breaking the “boundaries of traditional PC form factor” the Sneaker X would ideally be built so that users can swap out parts and upgrade the case easily. The details regarding what the PC case will be able to accommodate are scanty at this point, but from what little Cooler Master has to tell, the custom-designed case would be compatible with high-end graphics and processors.

Other tad bits

The images really don’t do enough justice to the quality and the size of the sneaker-like PC, but from the video of the PC case modded by JMDF, you can gauge how sizable this contraption actually is. That only if you too believe that Cooler Master has gone ahead with the similar design, not having tinkered much with the original idea.

If your feet are already itching to get this interesting design stuffed up with your favorite computer innards, you’ll just have to wait a little longer. Cooler Master has not shared information about the pricing but informs that the Sneaker X PC case would go on pre-orders in Q3 2022.