Derby Canvas foosball table celebrates Italy and the city of Milan

If you are reading this, I’ve got bad news and good news to grace your timeline with. The bad news is Italy has yet again failed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup, second time in a row. Means, we might have seen the last of Chiellini and Bonucci in blue and white attire. And, if you are an Italian fan, it must be very hard on you but we have got you covered with good news as well.

The good news is that the luxury design company Impatia has released a foosball table to deviate you from the heartbreak and bring your focus to a tabletop version of soccer. This stylish and snazzy Derby Canvas foosball table pays an ode to the city of Milan. Designed by Gregg Brodarick and Lucia Guazzi, the item is made to elevate the status of foosball and introduce people to the table version of it.

Stylish and contemporary design

A modern reinterpretation of the classic game of football, the foosball table is made of high-quality material. A blend of chic and pristine design, it features a crystalline glass top playing surface with a polished metal detailing finished in chrome. Above the crystal glass field are modern geometric rods for you to roll. The sleek rods are an absolute beauty to adore while you strike a pull shot to the opponent bar.

The rods feature 22 solid wood handles resembling 22 players on a football field. These solid wooden handles are made of anodized aluminum. Poised on solid wood structure that can be customized in a variety of colors, the table looks very gorgeous from every angle. The company branding is embedded on base while goalposts on either end are crystalline as well and coated with leather.

Premium approach

Derby Canvas foosball table does enhance your interior but everything glossy comes for a price. Infused with a high level of Italian design and craftsmanship, the table is likely to cost $15,000. Considering the price of Impatia’s pool table, which is available for fourth of this price tag, the foosball table won’t be a bad option to add to your home.

The game of foosball is all about bringing sophistication to the hooligan’s game. And what better than adding a table that doubles as a statement piece in any room. Even though it may fetch a whooping price, it’s worth taking the dive. Come on, it’s a foosball table, not any other table you can buy from your nearby furniture store.