Designer furniture rentals reshaping our homes

In the days of streaming, owning has become a less vital concept, even when it comes to furniture. Buying furniture is a one-time expense and you should invest accordingly. Owning to decline in people’s intention to commit upfront, renting furniture has gained in popularity. It allows one to experiment with furniture and the aesthetics it provides to your living space.

At a time when nearly 10 million tons of furniture and furnishings end up in landfills annually, furniture rentals take into account the evolving logistical needs of city dwellers. There are many furniture rentals that are offering designer furniture while reducing the industry’s climatic and environmental impact, here are the best ones.


Launched in 2017, Feather is focused on rental, reuse and refurbishment. The company offers over 200 pieces of exclusive furniture and home decor. The rental furniture startup offers various plans suitable for your needs. Feather also offers a variety of durable designer pieces from Floyd, Herman Miller and West Elm.

ZZ Driggs

ZZ Driggs was born out of a desire to reduce furniture waste. The firm offers artisan pieces from 12 acclaimed American design studios providing stunning furniture articles for purchase or rental. It offers options of renewing, returning or keeping the pieces, allowing you to keep your living space refreshed with new and latest designer furnishings.


CORT is considered one of the best residential furniture rental companies. It provides discounted furniture rental packages to save time and money. From sofas, accent pieces, beds, and side tables, even furnishing a temporary home office with a desk and ergonomic chair – CORT offers exquisite furniture pieces for everyone.