Dive straight into your boots with Diesel’s new pair of high waist jeans

From being mere work pants worn by miners during the Americas Wild West gold rush to the most badass trousers ever donned by mankind; jeans have become a cult in their own way! Jeans may have been popular because of their idealness for rugged environments and deplorable work conditions but it is the most essential part of streetwear today.

Jeans are the most ubiquitous clothing and denim is its most favored fabric. Denim is not just used for pants, shirts or jackets but even cowboy films made in Hollywood trace their roots to God’s favorite fabric. There have been many transitions in the looks and style of jeans over the years but Diesel’s twist to the runway denim is over and above an undramatic style appetite.

Jeans-boots fusion

Specialized in making high-end denim, Glenn Martens Diesel has introduced chic and elegant 1955 007A7 Straight Jeans. This pair of denim is a nod to 1950s, rock-n-roll culture. With its high waist and elongated legs, Diesel 1955 007A7 Denim here is an amalgamation of pants and boots in one. Made from cotton and hemp fabric, the jeans attached to boots looks more hippie-like but is a citation to country living.

The elongated jeans modify into boots that feature a square-tip stacked heel finished in all black. There is also a layer of brown leather that sits atop the black sole unit. With its gorgeous overall silhouette, the jeans is best suited for men who love rangers and cowboys’ attire.

Pricing and availability 

Looking at the minute details, the button fly on top and branding on the inside of the pocket is clearly visible in the light blue jeans, which adds a 90s flavor to the trouser. A normal pair of jeans would cost you below a thousand bucks, but with Diesel’s 1955 007A7 Straight Jeans you’d have to cut your pockets even deeper.

Boasting lavish style and silhouette, Diesel’s latest jeans would cost you £995 (approx. $1,200). The pair can be bought from Diesel’s website. However, you have to be really fast because the stock appears to be limited and may end soon.