Double walled glass Fressko Tour Flask features 2-in-1 infuser filter

Pioneer in stylish, portable and sustainable flasks, Australian company Fressko has launched a mid-size, chemical-free, double walled glass Tour Flask. This bottle and flask combo includes company’s 2-in-1 Infuser Filter.

The borosilicate glass construction coupled with leak-proof bamboo lid makes the Tour Flask a wonderful companion to steep your favorite tea, brew coffee on the go or just enjoy fruit-infused waters.

A conscious flask

Considering the amount of plastic garbage (largely single use plastic) polluting the world’s oceans, it is imperative we all slowly take some steps to reduce our plastic footprints. Fressco has been creating sustainable and reusable bottles as alternatives to single use plastic bottles and the Tour Flask is another valuable addition to this tally.

Tour Flask is functional, durable and leak-proof, and can keep beverages cold for six hours and hot for up to four hours. It is a fruit infuser and thermos flask which you can carry along to enjoy your beverage wherever you go.

On the go fun

It provides a simple way to keep drinks hot and cold with its bamboo cap vacuum seal and glass layers within the bottle. The Tour Flask’s infuser allows you to put in loose leaf tea, tea bags, fruits or coffee beans to brew in your flask itself.

The leak-proof, BPA free bottle comes in various sizes. A 400ml Tour Flask cost $34.95, it’s available on MadebyFressco with instruction on how to use it.