Dr. Martens Audrick Collection officially drops

It’s boots season which means time to take out your most prized pairs from your extensive shoe collection. Sneakers don’t count, just those leather boots you couldn’t wait to wear. 

Just the other day, we showed you the Balenciaga Bulldozer Mini Boots ready for the new season. It’s one luxurious and pricey pair we’re certain not many will really want to wear for rough and rugged use. 

Classic Dr. Martens Boots  Reimagined

Dr. Martens Audrick Collection

Dr. Martens is the perfect alternative. Actually, it’s not just great for being an inexpensive alternative. Dr. Martens boots and shoes are so worth every penny.  Every pair from the English shoe company is durable, versatile, and durable. No doubt too those boots are also perfect for travel. 

The latest from the Dr. Martens is the Audrick collection. It’s a new lineup that features three classic silhouttes given a moden twist.

Dr. Martens Audrick Collection Design

Dr. Martens Audrick Collection 8-Eye Boots

The Dr. Martens Audrick collection features the classic 8-eye boot, Chelsea boot, and the 3-eye boots. The pairs use black Nappa Lux leather with re-engineered signature platform sole.

Some may be reminded of the Balenciaga Bulldozer Mini Boots. As for Dr. Martens, the new Audrick pairs come with rugged PVC outsoles and lightweight EVA midsole . It’s a two-part platform called Quad Neoteric sole.

Dr. Martens’ signature yellow welt stitching are available. Even the signature heel loops are ready. 

The shoes part of the Dr. Martens Audrick Collection are priced starting at $140 to $180. You can purchase directly from Dr. Martens.


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  • Monica
    Posted February 5, 2022 2:41 pm 0Likes

    Absolutely Love these boots!!!! I owe 3 pairs of Dr. Martens and these are by far my favs. So comfy!!!!

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