Dragon Ball Z Collector’s Chess Set ready for old and new fans

Not many people may agree that chess is a sport but we consider it as one. Don’t question the International Olympic Committee that considers chess as a sport. It may not require much physical efforts but mental exertion is just as exhausting.

If you’re a real fan of the strategy game, you may understand how important chess is. Casual players may don’t think much but only play it for leisure but it doesn’t matter. As long as you are using your time and resources in a worthwhile manner and are not hurting yourself or anyone, it’s all good.

And if you’re a real geek who goes for anything, well, geeky, you may want to check out this Dragon Ball Z Collector’s Chess Set. If that Sterling Silver and 24k Gold Vermeil Chess Set is too fancy for you, we suggest this one.

Classic Dragon Ball Z Characters From Your Past

A chess set featuring the classic Dragon Ball Z characters may take you back to your childhood. The Japanese anime TV series was popular in the early 90’s so the kids today may not be familiar with it. It’s time for you to introduce your favorite characters to your children while teaching them how to strategize and improve problem-solving skills with chess.

The Dragon Ball Z Collector’s Chess Set boasts an 18 custom-sculpted busts of heroes and villains from the anime. They are full-color so it’s like having new toys again.

Goku is King while Vegeta is Queen. Remember Piccolo and Gohan as the new Bishops. Future Trunks and Gotenks are Knights. The Rooks are represented by Android 18 and Krillin. As for the Pawns, they will be the Super Ghost Kamikaze.

Dragon Ball z Villains Take Revenge

Those are just on one side. The villain mover pieces, we’re assuming is the Black side, have Buu as King, Cell as Queen, and Android 19 and Frieza as Bishops. The Knights will be Nappa and Raditz. Broly and Bojack will be the Rooks while the Pawns will be represented by Saibaiman.

The Dragon Ball Z Collector’s Chess Set is only $60. You can buy one from theop.games.