DublDom Prefab Cabin by Bio Architects was assembled in 10 Days

In the woods of Kazan in southwest Russia sits a 1,184-square-feet gorgeous DublDom cabin. Built by the Moscow-based Bio Architects, it is known for affordable pricing and fact that it can be assembled on site within 10 days.

This cabin is one of several DublDom modular prefab homes that are built with the idea of creating an affordable and mass architecture.   

DublDom Woodland Residence

This single-story woodland dwelling epitomizes a larger home in the DublDom line, which presently proffers models varying from 280-square-feet to 1,400-square-feet, for costs of between $23,000 and $100,000.

The eight-room house is particularly designed for a young couple who had earlier lived in a 430-square-feet DublDom prefab home for one year and wanted a larger model. The construction cost of the house is about $80,000 with finishing, electricity, and engineering systems included.

Designed with the principle to lessen footprint and construction time, all the modular parts of the house were manufactured at DublDom factory in Kazan and then were transported to the site.

Blend of Midcentury and Contemporary Appeal

This beautiful cabin is made from recycled wood, glass and steel to abate the overall cost. The large skylights, glass walls and exposed beams allow plenty of natural light inside the home. The interior space of the home is made of whitewashed solid pine wood, giving it a raw texture and outdoorsy vibe.

The well-ventilated space that is marked by exposed beams and large glass walls is resonant of midcentury posts and beams. However, the smooth, inconspicuous cabinets and large skylights incorporate a bit of contemporary charm. The home comes with a combined 670-square-feet worth of terraces and verandas, connecting the house with the outdoors seamlessly.

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    How much would it cost to get this built on land in az?

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