Embrace VanMoof V: E-bike designed for high-speed city commute

Electric bikes are reaching new benchmarks in speed and performance. Setting foot on the pedal, Dutch e-bike manufacturer VanMoof has introduced a competitor to join the league.

Called the VanMoof V, the e-bike is designed with the very simple idea of helping people reach from point A to B really quickly. For this, the bike has been designed to hit top speeds of up to 31mph (roughly 50km/h).

The electric bike

While the idea directly isn’t to replace cars and get you to riding bikes for city commute; the VanMoof V will definitely make some ripples in the market, especially because of its appealing aesthetics and immaculate top speeds.

The muscular e-bike features aluminum frame construction paired to a two-wheel drive, advanced acceleration and front and rear suspension which makes life on the street quicker. Its suspension and motors on both the wheel hubs along with the larger tire base allow for longer rides to be more comfortable on the VanMoof V.

Battery and availability

The VanMoof V additionally features some of VanMoof’s signature functions including Kick Lock of keyless locking, Turbo Boost and automatic gear shift. The bike is powered by a 700Wh battery. Nothing more concrete is known about the specifications at the moment since the bike is yet to be announced. It is likely to hit the streets toward the end of 2022.

Notably, the speed limits for electric bikes vary across countries and regions, therefore, the VanMoof V will arrive with integrated speed settings in order to match a country’s regulations speed regulations. The bike is now available for pre-booking for $20 and is expected to retail for £2998 (roughly $4,000).