ESPRO CB1 cold brewer for spill-proof brewing at home

After a long grueling day one yearns for a fantastic cup of cold barista. There are countless options to prepare a cup of Joe that retains the aroma, but most of them are complicated to use, messy or not very budget-friendly.

ESPRO brings to the table an easy to use brewer that promises unmatchable flavor and is 100-percent spill-proof thanks to its unique filter.

ESPRO CB1 cold brew kit

ESPRO CB1 is big enough to brew delightful cold coffee for the entire family in one go. Yes, a coffee brewing kit that will be an integral part of your kitchen for years to come. It can prepare around 1.3 liters of concentrated coffee and thanks to the UV protected housing the coffee stays fresh for long.

This coffee brewer is designed by engineer duo of Chris McLean and Bruce Constantine, who have introduced a two-filter system for brewing that retains the original aroma of coffee beans and is smoother at the same time. One is a compostable paper filter and the other a micro-mesh filter which both strike a perfect balance required for a cup of coffee that’s unmatchable.

Since good things come with a bit of patience, you’ll have to wait for 12 hours after you’ve put coffee beans and water in the stainless steel housing to taste the nectar. The grower valve automatically unlocks once the process is done, pouring the freshly brewed coffee in the UV protected glass growler below the stainless steel brewer. You can serve it chilled, add some cream or milk if you like.

Hassle-free coffee on the go

Designers have made it a point to create ESPRO CB1 Cold Brew coffee kit in a manner that it ensures compactness and minimum hassle. Also, the mechanism is spill-proof, thereby making it ideal for frequent travelers who can carry the growler along.   

The brewing kit is available in two finishes – black or white. It can be bought right away for $99.95 from ESPRO’s website.