Essential camping gear to buy for next outdoor adventure

Camping is one of the most popular ways to reconnect with nature and our loved ones. But this year camping plans didn’t meet fruition owing to the coronavirus pandemic. One thing is clear though – both veteran campers and newbies will be eager to go camping in the coming year.

Well, no matter your camping experience, there are a few essential supplies that you cannot live in the great outdoors without. From accommodation and small tools to medical supplies – here is the essential camping gear that you’ll need on your trip away from the crowd.

Coleman Sundome Tent

When you go camping, make sure to pick the right sized camping tent as it is your shelter from the weather and the elements. Available in many shapes, sizes, and styles, tents help you sleep comfortably by providing a safe and home-like space. It is easy to get confused while picking a camping tent for your outdoor adventure, so be sure to shop around to find one that suits your requirements. Available in different sizes, Coleman Sundome tent provides a weatherproof shelter and can withstand strong winds and rain. With a roomy interior, it can fit a queen-size air bed inside.

North Face One Bag Sleeping bag

A warm and cozy sleeping bag is absolutely necessary to sleep better in the demanding outdoors. Sleeping bags come in different shapes and utilize various materials for insulation. While buying a sleeping bag, take into account the weather and temperatures you will be using it in. If you are a camping enthusiast, it is not a bad thing to get one for every weather and climate so you can always be prepared to camp anytime, anywhere – that’s where The North Face’s One Bag Sleeping Bag comes into play. It has three detachable layers, which make it a perfect sleeping bag for every season. Buy $289  

Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair

Sitting on the ground or on the sleeping bags is fine, but you are likely to get tired of it after a while and want a comfortable chair to sit in. Carrying a portable camping chair is a good idea. You need to select a chair that is a perfect combination of comfort and durability. Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair is a lightweight, foldable, backpacking chair. It is easy to set up, has side pockets for you to keep your stuff in it, and comes with a storage bag. This chair is ideal for camping, hiking, and for picnics.

Surviveware First Aid Kit 

It would be idiotic to go into the outdoors without your first aid kit. It is quite common to hurt yourself while traversing narrow and untrodden paths. Therefore, it is imperative to keep a small medical kit handy when you go camping. Just put together basic first aid you may need for cuts, scrapes, and blisters. If you aren’t sure what you need, Surviveware First Aid kit comes with about 200 basic first aid items. The kit is waterproof and all items inside it are protected in durable laminate pockets. This robust kit can endure the harshest conditions, which makes it a perfect pick for outdoor quests.

All-in-one survival tool kit

No matter the duration of your camping adventure, you should always keep a tool kit handy – a basic kit comprising necessary tools such as a flashlight, knife, shovel and anything you think will be useful. The Multifunctional Military toolkit is equipped with a folding spade shovel: a shovel board (a built-in hexagonal wrench, saw, ruler, and rope cutter), an axe head, a multifunctional knife, a safety hammer, and much more. This toolkit has wide implications, making it suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities.

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