Everglow’s inflatable camping light folds up as ambient lantern

Portable lights for camping are so much in trend – they ought to be, given their resourcefulness. The compact form factor and the plentitude of uses they can be put to make them worth every single penny spent.

In this crowded segment of the market, Everglow Light Tube by Klymit makes a thumping statement for its sheer utility. The outdoor gear specialist has put a lot of thought into designing the compact inflatable light (yes you heard that right) for scenarios where it will be more than just useful.

Inflatable light for any adventure

This outdoor accessory (yes we want to classify it as one) is easy to carry in your backpack without compromising on space. When the need arises, you can inflate it to function as a LED tube light which can be hooked onto anything and everything!

You can bank on it for all your adventures – big and small – since the portable light can be used as a hanging light from the awning, indoor ambient lighting source for your tent in frigid weather or used as a lantern for compact use. Yes, you can fold it up to function as a small ambient lantern too.

Designed for form and function   

Versatility and flexibility of use make the Everglow Light Tube tailored for all kind of situations. Plus the dimmable function lets you control the ambiance needed – for indoors you would prefer peak brightness of 270 lumens, while inside a tent or camper, a medium or low setting would do.

According to Klymit, the inflatable function diffuses the light to a degree to prevent strain which is another added bonus. It can be powered up with a power bank or any USB compatible source.

The inflatable portable light comes in three different size options – each costing $20, $30 and $40 respectively. For now, the larger models are out of stock and only the smaller version is available – the accessory is selling like hotcakes, already!