Explore Devil’s Eye at Ginnie Springs Outdoors

Ever felt like exploring the depths of an underwater cave by sitting on its edge? The thrill of taking the plunge into the dark abyss for that unparalleled adventure of a lifetime? If yes, then you surely need to mark this place on your bucker list.  

Undoubtedly, one of the most picturesque destinations in Florida, this hidden gem in the Sunshine State at Ginnie Springs Outdoors promises a unique time amidst nature. Just imagine the experience of sitting and gazing down the depth of the cavern.

What’s at Ginnie Springs Outdoors

The Ginnie Springs is basically a turquoise colored natural spring which is easily accessible from nearby cities. You can reach the place in just 40 minutes from Jacksonville and it takes around two hours from Tallahassee. Best time to bask in the beauty of this tranquil location is before autumn.

Crystal clear views of the natural spring will put you in a state of awe as you get lost in the paddle boat excursion. The warmth of the sun hitting the calm water and the gradual drifting of the boat will traverse you into a whole new realm.

Sublime view of Devil’s Eye   

The main attraction of this serene place is the Devil’s Eye which is 20 feet across and equally deep cavern. Imagine paddling to this heavenly spot and then taking some quiet minutes to get lost in the moment.

Only certified divers are allowed to explore the cave with no artificial lights permitted to be used. If you are on, the view of the leaves falling from trees on the land is mesmerizing. At most times the tannin-stained layer creates the effect of looking through the stained glass which is a unique experience altogether.