Father’s Day gift ideas for your golfer dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner and you do want to make the most important man in your life feel special. Don’t you? For your golfer dad, it would be great to gift him something that improves his game and makes him feel confident. But from the countless accessories, the choices are endless and confusing at times.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered as you can pick one of these brilliant Father’s Day gifts for your outdoorsy man who takes his golfing skills very seriously.

Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

On the green, measuring distance to the putt or water hazards can be the difference between a spectacular and an ordinary performance. This is where the Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder can help a lot during the game. The accessory measures the distance around the course with its 6x magnification to tell the total distance ranging from 5 – 1,000 yards with an accuracy offset of just one yard. The rangefinder also has important features like waterproofing and even fog proofing. Buy at $250.

Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart

Pushing the golf cart on the course can be tiring and time-consuming. So, if you want to gift your man one thing that he’ll adore for a long time, the Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart is the one to pick. This remote controlled caddy holds a standard-sized golf cart and can move it around for a duration of six hours. It is fully controllable from a distance of up to 120 yards, which all goes well for convenience. Although, it is on the higher side for the dollars you’ll pay, still worth your old man’s comfort. Buy at $1,000.

Scotty Cameron Select 2018 Newport 2

If your dad takes putting on the green very seriously, it is a given that he’ll love to have a good putter. Gift him the Scotty Cameron Select 2018 Newport 2 putter which has a four-way balanced design for that perfect feel when hitting the ball. Along with that the superior vibration dampening on the putter makes it one of the best to have around for those vital shots. No doubt most of the professional PGA Tour players also have this putter in their golf cart at all times. $Buy at 362.