Flow Camper Casper is a cool and compact adventure vehicle

A company from Germany called Flow Camper takes vans and converts them into adventure vehicles suitable for those who want to live on the road full-time. The Flow Camper Casper promises to be economical and quiet while being compact enough to easily fit into a standard parking space.

The vehicle has four seats as standard, and the seats are individually movable and removable for flexible storage space. The Casper Van promises to be comfortable during traveling and features a 30-liter compressor cooler refrigerator, pressurized water system with outdoor shower, dual burner stove, and a flexible bed. It also has a roof-mounted tent as an option adding two additional beds.

The company also offers a roof rack as an option. Other options include all-wheel drive to help adventurers tackle rough terrain and snow or ice. The chassis optimized for rough roads and all-terrain tires are also available. A lithium battery pack and solar system can be fitted to the adventure vehicle making it ready to go entirely off-grid.

The van does have an integrated kitchen made from spruce that can be covered in an optional HPL coding. The kitchen slides out to take up as little space as possible and features both fresh and wastewater tanks. The bed is also removable allowing users to customize the storage space to their needs on any particular trip.

The van looks ideal for a couple who wants to travel and has plenty of storage space under the bed platform in the back. Images also show an optional tent that encloses the area around the sliding door. Pricing is unknown, but the vehicle is not likely to be cheap.