Four contemporary travel trailers for camping adventures

Camping is an activity that everyone enjoys; overnight stays away from home in a tent and spending time in nature’s arms is soothing to soul and mind. In the contemporary times, the traditional camping tents have been replaced by travel trailers with full accommodations for an enhanced camping experience.

There are plenty of travel trailers, campers, and recreational vehicles that can provide camping enthusiasts with typical aesthetics and comfortable facilities. Here are four travel trailers to make your camping adventure comfortable and enjoyable.

The Nest by Airstream

Airstream has tweaked the traditional trailer design and created The Nest with modern features, especially appealing to the millennials. The Nest features a durable fiberglass frame paired with spacious interior. It is completed with basic amenities. This travel trailer offers two-floor plans for sleeping and dining area. There is a fully-equipped kitchen, a bathroom with toilet, Bluetooth-controlled lights, multiple USB and 110V charging outlets, and smart storage units. The compact and light-weight trailer is easy to tow with an SUV.

Alto R 1723 by Safari Condo

Alto R 1723 is part of Alto R travel trailer models of Canadian-based Safari Condo. The trailer has a compact teardrop size, with an electric, retractable roof that provides more interior space when the trailer is parked. The aerodynamic shape helps save 75 percent on gas costs than the traditional travel trailers. Alto R 1723 is entirely made from composite materials and aluminum.

The trailer can sleep four people at a time, alongside offering basic amenities such as a dinette area, kitchenette, and a toilet. It also features separate tanks for fresh, gray, and black water. The sides of the camper are covered in tinted tempered glass, allowing residents the opportunities of stargazing and admiring Mother Nature.


Inspired by teardrop trailers, DROPLET is a compact travel trailer with a modern insulated shell. Featuring large windows and comfortable accommodations, it is a perfect choice for an adventurous couple. It has a queen-sized bed, a well-equipped sheltered kitchen in the back, two shelves, and two cabinets at the foot of the bed to provide ample storage for electronics and clothes.  

Basecamp 20 by Airstream

Designed for adventurous travelers, Basecamp 20 is an upgrade from the top-selling Basecamp 16 with more room and additional features. Emphasizing the concept of community, kinship, and learning through travel experiences, Airstream upgraded the earlier model to ideally accommodate a small group of people.

The floor plan for the Airstream Basecamp 20 is longer, taller, and wider than the Basecamp 16, providing bigger space to cater to the needs of a nomadic family. The 16-feet trailer can be towed with an SUV or a small truck with ease. It features a convertible U-shaped dinette that doubles as a bed, a convertible bed in the rear of the trailer, a fully-equipped kitchen, separate tanks for fresh, gray, and black water, and a bathroom with hot and cold water.