French’s Limited Edition Mustard Ice Cream with Coolhaus is intriguing

For many, mustard sauce is an acquired taste and either you love the taste or simply detest it – there are no in-betweens. Typically eaten as a condiment with your hot dog, pizza or sandwich, it’s very hard to imagine it as a dessert. Dedicating a limited edition of Mustard Ice Cream, to mark ‘National Mustard Day’, which was on the 3rd of August, French’s in collaboration with Coolhaus has crafted this special recipe.

Mixing sweet with savory or using savory ingredients to craft exotic desserts is not a new thing. However, imagining mustard as a core ingredient for ice cream, will take a lot of comprehension on our part. I have barely wrapped my head around tamarind ice cream, guava spiked with red chili powder ice cream, and green chili ice cream. But making a mustard ice cream, is as good as saying that wasabi is next on the list.

I have followed MasterChef Australia for eleven years, and no one there has dared to attempt such a combination, which is why I believe that French’s is the only one capable of pulling such a smooth concoction. Of course they collaborated with Coolhaus, who are known for their innovative flavors. An old establishment like French’s – who debuted in the World’s Fair in 1904, alongside the hot dog.

More known for their Classic Yellow Mustard, Tomato Ketchup, Worcestershire Sauce and Crispy Fried Onions, I can understand why they went after the mustard flavor ice cream. Teaming with Coolhaus – the brand known for its premium cookie sandwiches, pints and bars – the duo have caused a ripple of excitement and curiosity around the offering.

Coolhaus is the leading women-founded and -led ice cream brand creating premium cookie sandwiches, pints and bars. Each treat is thoughtfully crafted with the highest quality ingredients and creamiest texture. Coolhaus is best known for their uniquely innovative flavors and their modern twists on the classics.

If you are eager to try this unusual ice cream, that is served with an accompanying pretzel cookie, you can try heading out to at Coolhaus locations in Los Angeles or locate the ice cream trucks in New York City and the Hamptons. For those who miss the bus (or the truck in this case), French’s has also created a simple mustard ice cream recipe, that you can make at home and serve to your family.

If you thought mustard flavored ice cream was the weirdest, imagine trying horse flesh flavor, pear and blue cheese or fig and fresh brown turkey flavors. I am all for trying out new flavors, but some combinations like these are hard to understand.

Bonus Mustard Dish

Since it’s all about celebrating ‘National Mustard Day’, let me share my favorite Mustard Sauce recipe with you, and this is a legit savory dish. To make two servings, you will need to prep a little bit. You will need 8 to 10 cauliflower florets, 1 potato diced into six cubes, I capsicum cut into big cubes, 10 to 12 button mushrooms, diced onions, one cup fresh yogurt, salt and pepper to taste, two tablespoons of mustard oil, dash of mustard sauce and red chili powder to taste.

Mix all of the ingredients and marinade for about two hours. Either skewer them on a barbecue grill or put them flat out on a grilling tray and grill in your oven, till the vegetables are crisp and cooked. Team this dish with some pita bread and hummus, and round it up with the Mustard ice cream!