Quorn makes holiday feasting healthy with recipes from Chef Sam Leong

If you’re already panicking for what to serve your remaining Christmas guests or for the coming New Year’s Eve, Quorn has got you covered. For those of you not familiar with the brand, Quorn is a meat substitute from the UK. It’s popular in Europe and over a dozen countries where it is used by people trying to get fit and healthy.

If you think the holidays are your chance to pig out and eat everything your mouth desires, you’re wrong. If you’re really serious about getting healthy, this is the time that you need self-control especially. Well, we won’t really stop you from eating a lot but think—you’ve worked so hard to lose some weight. A few meals of overeating will make those extra kilos come back. It’s that easy.

Holiday Feasting Can Still Be Healthy

Quorn has come up with ways on how to make your yuletide feast healthy. You can still have a Merry Christmas Healthy Meal. The brand has teamed up with Michelin chef Sam Leong to prepare three recipes you can try with Quorn as the main ingredient.

Any meal can be prepared with Quorn. Any meat-free meal can be a winner. In case you didn’t know, Quorn is sustainable, healthier, and is free from genetically modified organisms (GMO). It is high in fiber and protein. It doesn’t contain any cholesterol and is very low in saturated fat.

From Bland to Grand

When Quorn is cooked, it usually tastes bland but with Chef Leong’s creations, you can enjoy a festive, tasty, and healthy meal at the same. Quorn is Halal-approved, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. If you’re on a diet, try this meat substitute.

Try any of the recipes. Tell your family and friends it’s vegan-friendly because of Quorn. Let them indulge and enjoy the holiday meal whether it’s a Yuletide Harvest Salad, Stack the Halls Burger, or the Pumpkin Navidad which is mainly soup. More Quorn recipes available HERE.