Garmin Edge 1040 Solar bike computer for hardcore adventurers

Garmin and solar-powered technology are no strangers as the Swiss-based MNC has now incorporated solar charging capability into its new Edge bike computer. This eliminates the need for dedicated charging via ports as the gadget is topped up every time you ride out in the sun.

This gives cycling enthusiasts the freedom of a solar-powered GPS bike computer with better battery life and more features. The accessory for a healthy lifestyle comes after the launch of the Forerunner 955 Solar edition smartwatch which shows Garmin’s keen interest in tapping the limitless energy resource for good.

Garmin Edge 1040 

The bicycling computer christened Garmin Edge 1040 Solar gets the company’s Power Glass technology which feeds the inbuilt battery. Along with the 45 hours of juice in normal mode and 100 hours of battery life in battery saver mode, the gadget has a much better user interface, improved GPS accuracy (courtesy multi-band GNSS), added ride analytics, and seamless setup for new users.   

Compared to the Edge 1030 Plus, the Edge 1040 is a millimeter thicker and slightly heavier. This is attributed to the bigger battery capacity and the added gyroscope sensor. The new model however retains the 3.5-inch color touchscreen having 282×470 pixels resolution.

Power-packed for pro users

Compared to other similar products on the market, Garmin is a step ahead with its advanced features such as power targets to manage stamina checks in real-time, track remaining ascents/grades, and the amount of effort required for a particular course. Edge 1040 also provides training guidance in the form of daily workouts depending on the current training load and oxygen level readings.

The bike computer will beam notifications for rehydration or eating breaks which is another important feature. Safety features on the Edge 1040 include incident detection, LiveTrack for real-time location data beamed to important contacts, or group messaging to rejoin the group if you go off course.  

According to the company’s VP of global consumer sales, Dan Bartel, the Edge 1040 Solar is built for any kind of adventure – be it rocky climbs, isolated gravel tracks, or picturesque countryside locations.  We totally agree with this view since the new gadget from the house of Garmin is compatible with other hardware from the company. For example, Varia, inReach lines, or even the Tacx indoor trainer. With a price tag of $749.99, the bike computer is meant for purists who crave the best adventure accessories for their next escapade.