Garmin’s vivomove Luxe hybrid smartwatch has a secret color display

Garmin is sports watchmaker that delivers style in combination with function – a true example of which is the company’s vivomove Luxe hybrid smartwatch. This is an elegant timepiece that wears the face of an analog watch and packs within smart features you can count on to keep a check on your fitness and do a lot more.

In addition to the luxurious analog design and smart features, the vivomove Luxe has a secret color display behind the glass screen, which you can tap to reveal.

The interesting design

Garmin’s vivomove Luxe hybrid smartwatch comes in a 42mm stainless steel case with polished finish. The dial is covered in a domed sapphire crystal lens. The watch is available in a variety of case designs including silver, gold and rose gold.

In the idle mode, when you are not interacting with it, the vivomove Luxe is nothing more than an ordinary analog watch. But the moment it you double-tap on the screen, or turn the watch your side, the AMOLED display lights up to reveal the smart interface of the touchscreen watch.

Health tracking and more

The vivomove Luxe is not designed to be a good running companion, but there is no doubt that it is made for fitness tracking. With range of features like sleep tracking, body energy level monitoring, sleep and stress tracking. The watch misses GPS but it comes with an all-day heart rate monitoring.

The vivomove Luxe hybrid smartwatch is water-resistant up to 50m so you can take it for an occasional shower or swim in the pool. It comes for an asking price of $499.99.