Gingko’s Mi Square Pocket Bluetooth Speaker is an ultimate travel companion

A good speaker is defined by its sound quality. But in the same space, a portable, travel speaker is defined by its design and handy form factor.

These days most portable speakers are made from plastic and feature a cylindrical design, which can become a pain to fit into your cabin bag. Set to provide a more considerate alternative for travelers with a similar history – Gingko has developed the Mi Square Pocket Bluetooth Speaker.

Specs and features

Constructed from solid natural wood – cherry, walnut or bamboo choice – the square-shaped wireless speaker will transform your travel music experience for good. Its elegant lines and natural material set the 3W tiny speaker apart from many on the retail shelves.

Despite the diminutive frame, the speaker, powered by a li-polymer rechargeable 500 mAh battery, has a pretty impressive sound. The battery can be charged using a 5V adapter and provides three to six hours, depending on the volume, playback time.

Environmental impact and price

Since the Mi square speaker is made from natural wood with fabric front face, it eliminates the use of plastic in construction and has a lesser environmental impact.

Available for approximately $60, the speaker has a lovely leather strap attached to it, which adds to portability. You can fasten it around your wrist when in the market or tie it to your bag when you just can’t fit it in.