Givenchy Winter Mallow Mules ready with leather, suede, and faux fur for comfort

Givenchy doesn’t always come up with footwear but when it does, the fashion world and the sneakerheads can be assured of designs that are unique and memorable. The last set from a few months ago were interesting.

The Givenchy Monumental Mallow in High-Top and Low-Top are now being followed by another interesting pair. The Givenchy Winter Mallow Mules are ready in two versions: Beige Suede and 4G Leather. Both designs come with faux fur. 

Givenchy  Winter Mallow Mules 4G Leather

Givenchy Winter Mallow Mules Black Launch

These are just mules but they are designed for the colder season. The two iterations are basically the same but differ in color and material used. The black one uses calfskin leather with the signature 4G logo all over the upper.

There is the Givenchy spell-out embossed on the rear in the same color. The pair of slip-ons offer ease of wearing and comfort. Of course, there is that classic look and feel that will make your think you can wear it all year-round. 

Givenchy  Winter Mallow Mules Beige Suede

Givenchy Winter Mallow Mules Black Design

The beige suede version of Givenchy Winter Mallow Mules appears simpler.  Just like the black pair, this version has midsoles that come with arrow shapes pointing towards the front. We only see a small  metal 4G badge on the upper. 

The sole unit is cream, designed just like the leather pair. The faux fur material is found on the insole so you know the mules are comfortable to wear. 

The Givenchy  Winter Mallow Mules are priced at $850. You can get a pair from Givenchy’s official website.