Gucci Mens Rubber Mules almost ready for summer

Summer has started in some parts of the world. You’re probably feeling the warmer weather as the temperature continues to rise each day. Climate change is real. You just need to prepare and plan how to feel cooler and more comfortable this season.

We have shown you a few pairs of sandals, sneakers, and mules you can wear. We’re particularly interested in mules especially since luxury fashion houses have been designing a few pairs. We remember the Louis Vuitton Easy Line Mules described as perfect for luxury lounging. 

Gucci Rubber Mules Look Like Fancier Crocs

Gucci Mens Rubber Mules Red Design

Gucci wants to rival Louis Vuition with a new pair of rubber mules. It will be out in three basic colors: Black, Red, and Blue. It’s made of rubber so yes, you’re right, it’s very similar to Birkenstocks and Crocs. 

If you have a few pairs of Crocs, like that limited edition Crocs x Vladimir Cauchemar, you may need to get an upgrade. Getting new mules from Gucci will be enough. 

Gucci Mens Rubber Slip-on Sandals Design

Gucci Mens Rubber Mules Availability

The slip-on pair is all-rubber. The  perforated rubber is there to provide a pebbled texture. It sure looks like real leather but it’s just rubber. The foot cover shows the interlocking signature “GG” logo. A large GUCCI text logo is spread out on the in-sole. 

The Gucci Rubber Mules have stitching around the top. The sole gets some heavy tread for a purpose. Gucci branding is also found on the footbed and the outsole. 

The Gucci Rubber Mules Slip-on Sandals will cost you $420. Buy from HERE. That’s expensive for a pair of rubber sandals but hey, it’s Gucci. It’s also more affordable than the LV Easy Line Mules.