IKEA Art Event collection 2021 makes designer household items accessible and affordable

Everyday designer objects are far from affordable and their accessibility is unfathomable. Through its 2021 Art Event collection, flat-pack furniture giant IKEA wants to make functional everyday home accessories conceived by designers accessible and affordable.

While the items from this collection are not going to be available before April 2021, it is worthwhile to note that IKEA has collaborated with five artists globally for this. These include Japanese design studio Gelchop, Humans Before 1982, Daniel Arsham, Sabine Marcelis, and Stefan Marx.

Limited collection

These unique home furnishing items developed by creative artists for IKEA are both functional and affordable. The collection, comprising an Allen Key-inspired lamp, to clock that seems to be flying, ranges between $26 and $70, which should be within most budgets.

Thinning the like between art and functionality the IKEA Art Event collection comprises ten homeware pieces. The highlight here is the LED torch by Gelchop. Borrowing its design cue from the angular aesthetics of IKEA iconic Allen Key, the lamp can be used in multiple ways. You can choose to have it on the table, hanging on the wall or maybe traveling with you when you want.

More from the collection

Creativity has no bounds and Daniel Arsham’s clock for IKEA Art Event 2021 is just an embodiment of it. The circular wall clock is imagined as a flying object by Arsham, which in its striking white is a true head turner. Though it made from plastic, it looks imperial to say the least.

Stockholm studio Humans since 1982 has created striking collection of drones as wall art. Whether these miniature drone that look like butterfly also actually fly is something that’ll be clear toward its launch. Complementing the drones on the wall are lighting pieces from Netherlands-based Sabine Marcelis, and the collection is closed with throw and emblazoned vase from German artist Stefan Marx.