Hohem iSteady X2 gimbal boasts gesture controls and face tracking

Smartphone accessories come in all different iterations – solving a purpose for creative beasts in totally new ways. Gimbal is one accessory, video content creators and influencers swear by for the added dimension of shooting perspective and of course the stability of the shots.

Go out there and you can find innumerable options for gimbals, but none can match the prowess of the new Hohem iSteady X2 gimbal for its pure functionality and ease of use.

Hohem iSteady X2 gimbal

Touted as the world’s first smartphone gimbal with smart remote and gesture controls, the Hohem iSteady gimbal takes your creative obsession to another level. It has 3-axis anti-shake stabilization system for the smoothest video recordings you ever wished for.

It boasts lightweight credentials weighing just 0.62 lbs. – making it well-suited for YouTubers, vloggers or people who love making cinematic videos. The USP comes in the form of a customized full-featured remote control to adjust shooting angles, switch modes in a jiffy and access video stabilization functions with utmost ease.

Gesture control and face tracking

The hands-free gesture control from a pretty far off distance adds another advantage point to this smartphone gimbal. On top of it all, the Hohem iSteady X2 gimbal shines with its face tracking, object tracking and intelligent interaction modes. All these can be accessed via the HohemPro app for shooting images or videos even when there’s nobody to assist you.

One touch switching between landscape and portrait modes comes in handy for quick shooting toggles especially in live stream modes. Battery life on this gimbal is an impressive 10 hours, and it can reverse charge your gadgets too in case of emergency.

For a price tag of $89, the intelligent gimbal by Hohem is worth every penny for the plethora of functions it brings to the table. Would I want to experiment around with this cool accessory? Absolutely yes!