Hublot and L’Epée collaborate for striking Meca-10 table clock

Working in collaboration with L’Epée, Hubot has just released a table clock that features an oversized version of the latter’s very famous Meca-10 manufacture movement.

The Meca-10 manual movement was unveiled in January 2016. It drew inspiration from the Meccano construction system and had the watchmakers biting off their finger in awe of this unusual skeletonized architecture. What also made the movement standout in the crowd was its exceptional 10-day power reserve displayed on a disc.

The new table clock

Hublot has now introduced the same glorious movement in all its existing glory in a table clock. For achieving size as big as that, the movement has been scaled up four-time without compromising any features including the 10-day power reserve.

To reproduce the unique features of the Meca-10 movement on a larger scale the company tied up with L’Epée manufacture and the Meca-10 Clock was eventually born. The clock measures 19.60 by 18.10 cm and it comes in two versions – an angular cased model with satin ring finished in steel and transparent plastic composite, and a black PVD model with bridges coated in black.  

The design and more

The Meca-10 Clock features a notched crown at 3 o’clock which is rubber-coated for better grip while manually winding the clock. The charismatic Meca-10 movement offers the clock a 10-day power reserve and it’s visible on the face at 6 o’clock.

Both the versions of the Hublot Meca-10 Clock are limited edition pieces designed for the true timepiece aficionados. The table clock will be available soon through Hublot for $50,000.