Inexpensive tech accessories you should have handy all the time

Our fast-paced lifestyle is governed by a range of devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets and more. There is hardly a day we can do without either of these around, therefore, we have our own set of brand preferences for these. Given the effectiveness and dominance of these mentioned devices; one cannot still do without a few accessories to complement.

Fancy, yet inexpensive accessories we have enlisted intend to be a handy addition to your collection and see you through in many situations. For instance, when you have to charge your phone in a jiffy or maybe locate the keys you may have misplaced.

Fast charger for multiple devices

Do you often have your desk crowded with wire clutter and too many devices lying around? The TidyHome five-port, wireless charger is what can save you some woes. The charger with six detachable baffles keeps your phones, tablets and other devices organized while charging and the desk looking nice and clean. Along with five USB ports, this charging system also feature a Qi wireless charge. The unit is made from fireproof ABS material and is built-in with smart IC chip to protect against short circuits, and excess voltage issues.

Bluetooth sport headphones

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that we need a pair of earphone for everything from morning walk to sweating out at the gym, from the subway ride to the bike ride home. A pair befitting all routines is the inexpensive Mpow D7 Bluetooth headphones that boasts up to 10 hours continuous playback time and has 11mm dynamic drivers to deliver superior sound. These are also billed as noise cancellation, are rated IPX7 for water and dust proofing, and have an interesting design to ensure they remain comfortable and intact while you’re engrossed in a physical activity.

JBL GO2 waterproof portable speaker

Talking about music, a nice, little portable speaker is a worthy accessory to have in your bag. And the JBL GO 2 – a full-featured waterproof Bluetooth speaker – is the finest option to take with you everywhere you go. Whether you’re at home streaming your favorite show or by the poolside trying to pep your laps with some groovy tracks, the GO2 will have you covered. Capable of delivering up to five hours of playback, the speaker also features a 3.5mm jack for connectivity.  

Flexible phone stand  

We all have some sort of a phone stand for our desks. But frankly, these have a limited application – you cannot place it on the bed for binge-watching or carry it to the outdoors. Enter flexible goose neck stand, which can bend into a myriad of shapes to cater to all sorts of needs. You can use this flexible stand on your desk, tuck it under the mattress for endless hours of hands-free viewing. Also you can wrap it around the neck for a video call session or watching viral video content on the go. 

Tile Mate item locator and tracker

It’s easy to misplace your keys or lose track of the phone when it’s on silent mode. With the Tile Mate however, you can keep tabs on a variety of items from keys to bags and locate them with convenience. The Tile Mate works over Bluetooth when the tagged item is within 200 feet from you and connects over the app when it’s beyond that stipulated distance. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and it presents an easy, inexpensive way to ensure you never lose track of your stuff again. 

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