iTemp Smart Mug & Bowl keeps beverages, food at precise temperature

Some dudes want their beverages or food just at that perfect temperature, no less no more. If you are one of those choosy ones who’s way too busy to tinker with all the details, an accessory that can keep beverages at the right temperature is a god sent blessing.

Enter iTemp Smart Mug & Bowl, which heats beverages or eatables to your liking, look no further! The smart Mug and Bowl combo is up for pre-order.

iTemp keeps drinks and food heated perpetually

One reason why iTemp is a go-to product is its ability to solve a very simple but less attended predicament. To perpetually heat beverages or eatables in a hectic schedule where you’re bound to be late for lunch or snacks time. Everything will be at your control with the dedicated app which raises or lowers temperature or even maintains it at a certain level for a long duration.

Other than this, the accessory can preset timers and detect the weight for easy tracking – a blessing for the fitness buffs. iTemp gives you the freedom to heat up your food or beverages anytime, anywhere.

Precise control at your fingertips

The intuitive app keeps a tab on temperature levels that you desire and provides notification when the sweet spot is reached. There are also options to repeat a preset temperature routine with the tap of a finger.  

For safety there is boil-dry protection to automatically cut power supply to the mug/ bowl in case you forget you’ve put something to cook. As an added bonus iTemp keeps track of your hydration levels. It calculates the amount of water consumed with help of built-in weight sensors.

To top it off, the smart mug/bowl looks cool in matte black or white color options. The iTemp Mug is priced at $89 and the iTemp Bowl comes at $91. If you fancy having both, you’ll have to shell out $134 for it.