Jigsaw puzzle lets you build the Moon with every crater on its near side

It is going to be a long fight against this pandemic that has confined us all to our homes. It’s uncertain as to how long we will have to be indoors before normalcy can resume. In such a situation it is important for us to have ample things to keep us occupied at home.

If you’re into expert-level jigsaw puzzles or want a way to keep your entire family – kids and seniors alike – involved in a fun activity – take home ‘The Moon’. It is a thousand-piece circular puzzle that features the near side of the moon in incredible detail.

Story behind the creation

Moon puzzle is inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch, which was the first documented manned mission to the Moon. The interstellar puzzle is created after a NASA’s picture that is claimed to be the clearest image of near side of the Moon to date.

The puzzle, just like the image itself, shows even the tiniest of craters in darkish grey hue in comparison to the lighter shade making the major part of what is the Moon’s surface. Although it a challenging puzzle, the elation after completing it and seeing all the details on the Moon’s surface in the living room will be beyond words to express.

The composition

This is a 1000 piece circular puzzle which measures 26.5-inch in diameter. It has no two pieces exactly the same shape, which for some would be challenging, but actually makes it more enjoyable and achievable.

The Moon puzzle is priced under $25. It can be a wonderful companion to bringing the entire family to a table, set out on a mission to build the Moon complete with every crook and crater on its near side.

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  • jigsaw puzzle
    Posted April 21, 2020 7:24 pm 0Likes

    absolutely true, I took 3 days to finish this. That time, I really want to quit but then I tried my best and felt fantastic when finally it was completed

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