‘Kalabria Coast to Coast’ walk in Calabria, Italy – a journey from Ionian Sea to the Tyrrhenian Sea

Travelers who love to explore new trails and the embedded cultural bliss in the interim should be heading to Italian region of Calabria were the Kalabria Trekking association has created “an emotional and sensorial journey” for every traveler to embark.

The trail, created over a span of several years, runs through the heart of Calabria, at the narrows point between the two coasts. The trail connects the town of Soverato on Ionian Sea to town of Pizzo on the Tyrrhenian Sea, and in between allowing one to discover a millennium of local tradition and culture.

Kalabria Coast to Coast

Calabria is sandwiched between the seas of Ionian on the east and Tyrrhenian on the west. The region with rugged mountains and dramatic coastline has some popular beaches. And now there is a noteworthy trail that will surely put this Italian region on avid trekkers to do list.

Cited as an emotional and sensorial journey inside of Calabria by the Kalabria Trekking association, this 55 km long journey would transport one though a range of landscapes, difficulty levels and most importantly the flavors and values of the land. The biggest highlight midway is the Angitola lake.

Trek details

The Coast to Coast trail is divided into three main stages that comprise roughly 18 km each. The trek is largely medium to medium-high difficult and is accessible to people of all abilities. The team behind organizing the journey suggests trekkers start with a good supply of water especially in the first and third stages, which are sunbaked and have no water source enroute. 

Travelers are provided with free passport on the trail, which requires to be stamped at every town and village midway to track progress. It also offers discounted access at restaurants and hotels.