Reasons to Visit Kanazawa in Japan

There may be a health scare in some parts of the world today, no thanks to the NCorona Virus, but there’s no stopping the adventurous tourists from traveling. Crossing out an entry off one’s bucket list is always exciting no matter how other people tell you to stay put.

For those planning to travel to Japan, there are the usual itineraries, destinations, and experiences. We shared with you those five must-visit museums in Tokyo and where to view Mount Fuji best. We also encouraged you to visit the Mikane Shrine in Kyoto and wish for money to multiply. The Nine Hours Capsule Hotel is also something to try out.

Read on these mistakes first-times can avoid when vacationing in Japan and we guarantee you a problem-free trip. Decide first if you need a JR pass and review this guide to using Tokyo’s train transportation.

We can never stress enough the 7 reasons why you must visit Japan. We hope by now, you have learned the five takeaways from the Japanese culture.

You see, Japan isn’t just Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto. There are many other cities in The Land of the Rising Sun that are worth your visit and every cent. Not many people know this but Kanazawa is one of the country’s best-kept secrets. Well, we’re no longer keeping it a secret.

This city has been overlooked and it’s time you visit. Most districts and sights have been well-preserved so you no doubt see the beauty of every garden, shrine, or museum. If you’re going to Japan, do a side trip to Kanazawa. A day or two in town may be enough.

As with most cities in Japan, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit Kanazawa. Here are our reasons why we’re recommending a visit:

Fabulous Food

Any city you visit offers must-try food or cuisine. There are plenty of nice restaurants in Kanazawa where you can try out a perfectly cooked yakitori, tomago Japanese omelet, rice balls, and sweet potato tempura. All those you can find at Fuwari.

Ishikawa Prefecture comes up with most of the gold leaf in Japan—those gold flecks you usually see on matcha lattes and soft-serve ice cream. Kourin Sushi offers the best yet budget-friendly fish dishes.

Historic Museums

At Ishikawa Prefecture in Kanaza, there are plenty of areas to visit. We recommend the Prefectural History Museum so you can see the interesting history of the Ishikawa region.

Check out the pottery and hand-painted silks, family heirlooms, and ancient writings on display. Other museums you can visit are as follows: Maeda Tosanokami-ke Shiryokan Museum, Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Traditional Products and Crafts, D.T. Suzuki Museum, and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art for more modern designs and installations.

Well-Preserved Sites

In Kanazawa, you will see plenty of historic and well-preserved sites. They include sacred shines. Visit the Kanazawa Castle, Gojukken Nagaya warehouse, and the Oyama Shrine.

Entry to these sites requires some payment but they are affordable. If you want to see Japan in the old centuries, visit the Higashi Chaya-gai where you can admire and walk the old streets, wooden buildings, and teahouse. For those interested in samurai, there is the Nagamachi district.