KYX World sneaker rental lets you try before you buy the most authentic styles

Renting furniture is a trend that’s growing exponentially. The concept is not new to many consumer essentials but it hasn’t really reached the footwear industry. This stands to change now, with KYX World introducing, for the first time, an online sneaker subscription platform.

Build to provide access to the most sought-after sneakers on the market – that remain beyond the access of many sneakerheads – this new initiative allows subscribers to try new styles without committing a purchase.

KYX World sneaker subscription

With the introduction of this new platform access to limited edition and high-demand silhouettes is going to increase to more individuals. This try before you buy concept platform would let a user get a fresh sneaker pair month on month. The user can wear and try them before committing to buy them or swap them for a new pair the next month.

This monthly sneaker subscription is the brainchild of KYX World CEO Brian Mupo and it offers four levels of access. It launches officially today, but it was soft launched in December last year, and has in the last six odd months garnered about 900+ subscribers with the intention to reach over 4000 subscribers by the end of this year.

The subscription model

The multi-tier subscription model is scaled based on the total number of pairs allotted per month and also by value. The membership starts out at as low as $49 a month wherein you can access a pair of shoes valued up to $250; the option climbs up to $500 a month wherein you have access to higher priced, more exclusive pairs with more flexibility to swap.

KYX has over 275 styles with little more than 3000 pairs of shoes to offer currently ranging from $200 to $2,000. These options include everything from Air Jordans to adidas Yeezys and much more.