Louis Vuitton to launch luxury face shield amid the pandemic

Covering the face has become a necessity we cannot do without. The fashion industry is taking this as an opportunity and is transforming the plain personal protective equipment into stylish accessory. Face masks are available in a much wider range now, from tie-dyed to embellished with sequins – the plush has now reached face shields.

After Burberry rolled out a face mask with signature checks, French fashion house Louis Vuitton has announced it will be releasing a luxury face shield to increase your fashion quotient while protecting you from the coronavirus.

LV’s luxury equipment

The shield features two parts: the transparent visor to protect the face and the headband to hold it secure. The elastic strap that wraps around the head has golden studs on the sides for adjustability and to hold the equipment in place. 

Interestingly, the visor transitions from transparent to dark under direct sunlight, which adds protection not only from the virus but UV rays as well. It can also be spun upward to sport as a cap. This luxury face shield from Louis Vuitton is appropriate to accompany you to grocery shopping and on walks.

Durable and stylish

According to the press release for the LV Shield, it is “an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective.” Unlike other deposable face protectors, LV’s face shield is designed specifically for repetitive use.

The protective headpiece has the brand’s iconic monogram pattern imprinted across the coated canvas material. When a typical hat from LV costs about $700 and sunglasses around $800, the face shield certainly won’t come cheap; it might cost somewhere in between the two or even more. The face shield will be released as part of Louis Vuitton’s upcoming Cruise Collection on October 31.