MagSafe charger housed within this Nomad mount is convenient way to charge iPhone 12

MagSafe charging system is the best thing to happen to the new iPhone 12 series announced last year. The iPhone 12s come integrated with magnets that perfectly align on the MagSafe charger without you having to worry about the sweet charging spot – an issue with other wireless chargers. 

As good as it may sound, the lightweight MagSafe charger has an issue too. When you pick up the iPhone from the charger – owing to its firm magnetic embrace – the charger tends to come along with the phone; which you surely don’t want to happen, especially when you’re in a hurry.

The solution

Nordic, known for designing powerful and functionally accessories for Apple devices, has rolled out the MagSafe Mount, which is a solid case for your MagSafe charger.

The charger seamlessly fits into the center of the mount, which is made from stainless steel with micro-suction tape to hold the charger in place. Since the mount weighs almost 1.5 pounds and has soft rubber base to hold itself safely on the desk, it doesn’t snap off the table when the iPhone is removed from the charger resting within.

The nifty gadget

At $50 the MagSafe Mount is on the expensive side and can easily be considered an insignificant device, but anyone who uses the MagSafe charger as a primary source to juice up the iPhone 12 would instantly recognize its importance.  

The mount is a standalone accessory – you’ll have to source your own MagSafe charger; an addition 40 buck – however, if it helps, the charger fits snugly into the mount and it doesn’t seem like you’re using two different accessories.