TRX Bandit: Replaceable handles make training with resistance bands comfortable

Treadmills make the home workout more interesting, but when space comes for a premium or you’re into strength exercising, nothing gets better than resistance bands. The colorful bands have their own strengths, but they become slippery when hands are sweating or dig into the palms through strenuous exercising.

As a solution for home gym enthusiasts, TRX, famous for suspension training systems, has launched Bandit, universal handles for resistance bands, which take the inconvenience of using the resistance bands away.

The TRX Bandit  

Highly portable and compact, these removable handles can go with you where your workout regime takes you. You can throw them into your gym bag or your backpack when you’re headed for a leisure trip.

Since these band handles are universal and removable, they can be used with any resistance bands you have on you. The handles provide a perfect grip and allow you through your sessions with the resistance bands with increased control, convenience and comfort but keeping the finesse and perfection of the bands intact.

The construction and more

Arguably, TRX Bandit handles will allow you to utilize your choice of a resistance band to its full potential without digging too deep into your pocket. These ergonomic handles are made from ThermoPlastic Rubber, which TRX Bandit has used in its products previously.

If you are interested, these are now available in a pack of two handles. You can also pick the TRX Bandit Kit for roughly $50 – it comprises two handles, a pair of blue TRX Strength Bands and a pair of green TRX Strength Bands.