Master of Malt kit lets you blend your own whiskey at home

Have you been drinking and enjoying whiskey bought off the shelves, how about blending the spirit in comfort of your home now. Well, if you ever wished to blend your own whiskey, here’s how you could be give it a real shot.

With the ‘Home whiskey blending kit’ at $ 62.14 from Master of Malt, you can blend your favorite Whiskey at leisure. You don’t have to a professional; the whiskey blending kit contains almost everything you would need to go about making your own whiskey.

The home whiskey blending Kit

To chase your passion of creating a blended scotch, the kit comes with blended Grain base (2x), blended Malt base (2x), Speyside Single Malt, Highland Single Malt, Islay Single Malt, Lowland Single Malt, Very Old Single Grain and Very Old Highland Single Malt.

For measuring accurately the home whiskey blending kit is equipped with a 3ml and a 1ml pipette, a 100ml conical flask, crystal tasting glass, a 10ml and 25ml measuring cylinder. The brand also includes a detailed letter to introduce you to the art of blending and explaining how to use the whiskies and equipment provided in the kit.

Name and bottle your blended whiskey

Once you have created and perfected your blend with the whiskies provided in the kit, the Master of Malt offers you a chance to name it and own a bottle of your recipe.

You can visit the Blend Your Own Whisky page on their website and update the exact measures of each whiskey that went into making your drink. It will allow you to name your creation and you may even buy a bottle of your masterpiece from Master of Malt. You never know when this desire to blend your own sprit becomes your passion, so give it a try.