Match the Idea Corsa x Nissan Z driving shoes to go with your ride

2023 Nissan Z is just about revealed for the first time. Interesting to note from the concept and now – when the first in-person shots are available – has been the choice of fascinating blue to go with the vibrant yellow we’d been expecting.

Now, as you dress up to embrace the ‘Z’ in the spring of next year, make sure you have the right pair of shoes to go with. If you don’t know the silhouette; we’re here to enlighten! Shoe and leather goods manufacturer Negroni has in partnership with Nissan revealed the right pair, which comes in the colors to match your Z.

Nissan Z-inspired footwear

Dubbed the Idea Corsa x Nissan Z driving shoes, these collaborative sneakers are based on the footwear maker’s existing Idea Corsa driving shoes, which are now drenched in the Nissan Z flavor for the love of automobile enthusiasts.

The fashionable Negroni Idea Corsa X Nissan Z shoes arrive in Lightning Yellow, Ceylan Blue and the third, White colors. Featuring colored, leather upper with punched lines running down parallel to the N-shaped element on the sides, all three colorways have silver and black accents and feature a Z badge on the heel.

Pricing details

The Nissan Z is expected to arrive in Sports and Performance models in early next year. Though the Negroni shoes don’t really specify any such trims, they are nonetheless a right fit for the deep-pocketed only – but if you can shell for the Nissan, you can definitely take the complementing Z shoes.

You may have to wait for the vehicle a little more but you can grab a pair of these shoes now. The white pair is the most affordable at roughly $340 while the Lightning Yellow is the most expensive in the trio costing about $440 a pair. The blue and grey combo can be yours for approximately $420.