Ming 20.11 Mosaic with laser-etched sapphire dial, larger case is incredible

After the launch of Ming 27.02 featuring a 38mm stainless steel case with gradient blue guilloché sapphire dial earlier this year, the Malaysian watchmaker is now introducing the 20.11 Mosaic which is slightly different from the previous models.

The new 20.11 Mosaic deviates from the company’s long-time ploy of 38mm odd dials to roll out with a large, 41.5mm dial. It features a case made from grade 5 titanium and within it is a laser-etched chessboard mosaic pattern dial, which is outrightly the highlight of this Ming timepiece.

The dial 

As said, the mosaic-engraved sapphire dial of the 20.11 Mosaic is by far its most intriguing aspect – taking nothing away from Ming’s engineering and charismatic nuances it brings to haute horology.

The dial is etched with 2,650 squares in the mosaic pattern which are presented in different sizes and opacity. Achieved with high-powered femtosecond laser, the squares can be completely transparent or opaque depending on the angle it’s being viewed from.

Gracing the mosaic dial with equal finesses is the sapphire crystal hands – used first time by the brand – which are coated with HyCeram for legibility in all light conditions. The glowing hands and makers make the crystal dial look amazingly beautiful in the nighttime.

The movement and more

The Ming 20.11 Mosaic is powered by the Ming caliber ASE 200.2 featuring skeletonized bridges and micro-rotor winding. The movement first noticed in the Ming 19.05 is now refined with sandblasted black DLC coating. The watch is paired with handmade straps from Jean Rousseau Paris and comes in a leather travel pouch.

For the inquisitive, the watch is provided with a 700-lumen Nitecore LED torch for charging the HyCeram. Like the previous Ming models, the 20.11 Mosaic also is a limited edition watch. Only 50 pieces of the Ming 20.11 Mosaic will be made and will cost CHF 14,500 (roughly $15,700) each.