Minimalist leather accents can enhance interior decor

For centuries, leather has been an essential part of home decoration owing to its durability, long life, and resistance to both abrasion and wind. Now leather – whether real, faux, or vegan – is not just a major part of furniture, it is a subtle assent to maybe a drawer or a lamp that is becoming all the rage.

This reserved use of leather in small details makes a sharp contrast to its surroundings and helps accentuate the look of the unit its graces. Here are a few such elusive leather touches that enhance the modish home appeal of the unit.

Wine rack with leather straps

This rack with leather straps is ideal for wine enthusiasts as it organizes the collection in an eclectic fashion. This gold metal wine rack with faux leather straps works well in a home bar area, offices, bedroom, living room, or even in the kitchen. Despite its traditional appearance, the contrast in texture of materials gives it a modern touch. With structural dimensions of 17.5” wide and 12” high, this rack is ideally sized for countertops. Buy for $150

Chest drawer leather pulls

This gorgeous 5-drawer chest from BJÖRKSNÄS collection features Scandinavian craftsmanship. With nice details and proportions, the chest is made from light birch wood – which is a durable and warm natural material. It has top-grain leather pulls, two on each drawer; and comes in two color options – a black-stained version and a light wood option. The chest provides plenty of space to store clothes and other items. Buy for $249

Leather-wrapped table lamp

Inspired by leather-enveloped stair railings from European architecture, this Dearborn USB lamp comes in two options of solid brass or polished nickel. Featuring a USB charger at the base, this lamp has a linen shade and a beautifully leather-clad stem. Its timeless accent gives a stylish touch to the living room table, home office desk, or nightstand. Buy for $499