Modelo x Brooklyn Nets sneaker is limited-edition artwork for your feet

Calling out all Brooklyn Nets fans who fancy the team’s association with Modelo beer. Here is a pair of sneakers you would have dreamed was for real. Modelo has, in association with artist “Mache,” designed Air Force 1 to celebrate its association with Brooklyn basketball team.

The classic Nike Air Force 1 was purposely picked by Mache as the canvas to represent the elements of both the bands on a shoe. Only 15 of these custom pairs will be given away by Modelo to select New Yorkers through sweepstakes underway until April 30.

Artwork for the foot

Greg Gallagher, VP of brand marketing at Modelo informs that the company wanted to make something special to “celebrate its partnership with Nets.” Mache was looped in to design the limited addition pair for Modelo and Mache both share similar values of ‘Fighting Spirit.’

Each foot of the pair has a distinctive layout that comprises logos of both brands. The sublime combination of gold, navy blue and grey elements is accompanied by colorful New York subway lines to the Barclays Center along the sides of the shoe. In order to incorporate the heritage of both brands, Mache has in addition to the gold label and Modelo lion, added the secondary “B” logo of the Nets, which is instantly recognizable.  

Get a pair

Gallagher is appreciative of what this partnership has been able to achieve. He informs that Mache has done a “great job in incorporating” the branding and distinction of both the brands for a pair that Brooklyn Nets fans will definitely appreciate.

Since this is a special edition launch, only 15 of these examples will be made and they will be available through Modelo Nets Sneaker Giveaway Sweepstakes. New Yorkers above the age of 21 can enter the giveaway at or by scanning a QR code at any of the participating stores before April 30.