Mogote Tiny house on wheels makes no spatial compromise

Embracing the tiny house movement is not so much a need of the hour as much a choice. The lifestyle has really caught up in America and is steadily branching out in the European culture. One company that is making the adaptability a little easier in France is Baluchon.  

Co-founded by Laetitia and Vincent, Baluchon has a number of tiny houses tailor-made for persons wanting to jump into the minimalist bandwagon. Constructed as a main house for a client in Nantes, in the Upper Brittany region of western France, the tiny Mogote house is their latest build.

Tiny house without any compromises

Built on a 6 meter (19.6 foot) trailer, Mogote features an all-glass door, which leads one into the open layout living room with a sofa bed that converts to sleep two guests. Neatly paneled in spruce and oak, the house has a combined dining and kitchen adjacent to the living.

Kitchen is fully-equipped with large countertop sporting a dual-burner stove and a sink. Including a lot of storage under and above the worktop, the kitchen has a full-sized fridge, and a table opposite the counter that seats up to three people for a meal. The main bedroom is in the loft and can be accessed through a wooden ladder. The loft extends as mezzanine across the length of the tiny house to be used as extra storage space.

Small structure, big space

One downside of compact tiny homes on wheels is, they settle for a lesser equipped bathroom. Since this one is made as a main house, the bathroom is furnished with a regular-sized dry toilet, almost 3×3 feet shower unit and small washbasin with vanity for storage.

We do not have a word on price of the tiny Mogote house, but we learn that cotton, linen, and hemp are judiciously used for insulation of the walls, while wood fiber insulates the ceiling.