Mojo Contact Lenses to bring augmented reality to your eyes

Some people may cringe at thought of the eyes being the topic but not me. The Mojo Contact Lenses are nothing too difficult for me to appreciate being a regular user of eyeglasses and contact lenses. The latter I use more often because I don’t like the feeling of something resting on my nose.

The Mojo Contact Lenses are said to give “superpowers”. No, you may not reach Superman level with an x-ray vision but something different from reality. The smart contact lenses are expected to be helpful and easier to use. Their use may be questioned by many but at the moment, since it’s only a concept and still in its prototype stage, it may be interesting to try them out.

From Smart Glasses to Smart Contact Lenses

Instead of smart glasses that may be annoying to wear, you wear the Mojo Contact Lenses like any other regular contact lenses. The pair then works as a built-in display in your eyes that help you see in the real world.

The idea sounds something out of a sci-fi movie. We’ve thought of something like this but never imagined it may be possible. Think like Robocop or Ironman seeing all those information right before you. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences coming straight from the Mojo Lenses are possible. Other information that may be shown include notifications, answers to queries, data, calendar, and other AR experiences you can think of.

Contact Lenses Turn Into a Built-in Display

The contact lenses project brings information onto your retina. The lenses turn into a 14,000 ppi display. What’s good about this project is that optometrists and other medical experts are involved. It’s not just putting tech onto the contact lenses. The goal is to make them safe and sturdy while being subtle. A pair may be used for years although we don’t think it’s meant to be worn every day.

The Mojo Contact Lenses were presented during the CES in Las Vegas earlier this month. The pair is still a prototype. We don’t think it’s ready for anything or anyone yet but the technology certainly has potential. We like the idea of data being shown in front of you. We believe it can be done but it may take a while.